Click her to connect with other Media Members on Facebook!

Click her to connect with other Media Members on Facebook!

We are excited to invite you to became a partner with Faith Fellowship.   Our Media Members are people from around the world who want to partner with Faith Fellowship in heart, purpose, worship and the Word.  

Every Sunday we have several households that watch us.  We want to take it a step further than just watching.  We ask you not just to watch, but to:

  1. Pray for Faith Fellowship and the pastors

  2. Pray about becoming a financial partner with us

  3. Watch us every opportunity

We will also lift you up in our prayers.  Just know that every week, the staff and members of the church, join together and pray.  And we are praying for you!

Please take a few minutes and read over our WHAT WE BELIEVE AT FAITH FELLOWSHIP section.   After reading, please fill out the form below,  Thank you for being a part of Faith Fellowship's online community!

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I have read the "WHAT WE BELIEVE AT FAITH FELLOWSHIP" section of the website.

Please note that becoming a Media Member is a commitment of your heart to ours and our heart to yours.  We will pray for you and covet your prayers for us.  There are no voting rights at Faith Fellowship Business Meetings unless you are a regular attendee of the physical location of Faith Fellowship Church, 100 Wirtz Road, Wirtz, VA 24184.